My journey started 20 years ago when a stranger decided to take a chance on me. That one opportunity made me who I am today. It was a Sunday afternoon when I was glancing through one of the local newspaper publications, I stumbled across an article that would change my entire life. 

The article was about a gentleman who had left his home country to a neighbouring country in search of work opportunities. Unfortunately life at the onset was rough and including working odd jobs in order to survive. As fate would have it, the gentleman stumbled across an IT certification A+ by CompTIA. This certification opened up new opportunities and a better career path in the IT industry. As his career progressed the gentleman had a burning desire to make a difference, so he gathered his savings and returned home. The objective was to train at least 10 students with the A+ certification so that they wouldn’t have to go through the same struggles as he did. An article about his life and story was published in the local newspaper along with an invitation for sponsorship. 

Over 500 potential candidates turned up and I was part of the 10 students that were selected for the sponsorship. That sponsorship opened up a new career path and opportunities beyond my imagination. From the humble classroom in an old building, sharing a textbook. Through that education I have gone to build a career that saw me not only travel across the world, but work with leading global companies. Twenty years down the road this platform is an opportunity to give back to the next generation and pay it forward. 

Access to education

Provide potential and upcoming students with access to educational content to improve their opportunities

Access to Training

Conduct both remote and face to face training across multiple countries to provide students with the necessary skills that will allow them to build a career in IT


Provide mentoring for both technical and career related advise to help progress in the industry, leveraging on relationships established across the globe.

Extraordinary Experiences

  • Participated in the Cisco 10,000 Cyber Ops graduate scholarship aimed at bridging the skills gap for cybersecurity experts.
  • Trained over 500 students across multiple certifications
  •  Participated in the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship SSE Navigator program
  • Certified in over 6 Cisco certifications both associate and professional level

Our Core Values

We do not assume to know everything about the industry, our model is still evolving. The truth is we are still learning and we promise to engage our partners in a transparent manner to ensure that our programs bridge the gap for the next generation. 

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Hardwork