“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffet

Our mission

Our overall goal is to enhance and contribute to the growth of network engineers and their economic uplifting in Africa and developing countries, by providing them with tools and access to educational content to allow them to succeed.

We believe all great achievements have a singular currency, opportunity. As such, our approach places the human being, at its centre with a clear focus on personal development whilst our teams work on providing an opportunity to those in need. 

We believe that everyone is capable of succeeding as long they have access to opportunity. We incorporate this by providing access to educational content, sponsorship, training and mentoring. We partner and seek to partner with individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations  to help develop the next generation of network engineers. As the famous African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” when we work as a collective we can inspire the next generation. 


Our vision is to develop, educate and mentor 1000 network engineers by the year 2025. 

How to Gain Network Experience

Most companies want someone with experience, but many graduates have qualification but no experience, so how can one gain experience without a job?

How much you can earn with CCNA

Many people consider starting a career in IT but are not sure how much they can earn. This video seeks to provide information based on experience and location.

CHANGE The World

We all can contribute in providing an opportunity to those less privileged. Your help could be the difference between poverty and prosperity for that individual.